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Anton Paar AFM

Anton Paar Tosca 400 AFM has been installed in IMRI MC2 facility ( 140 ET) on 6/25/2019.

It is a compact system which enables users to detect surface topography down to atomic steps.  There are two imaging modes ( tapping and contact) with a user friendly operation interface. The sample stage is big enought to hold 90 mm wafer. There is a specially designed AFM cantilever exchange tool which makes the cantilever exchange easily and accurately.

X-Y scan range: up to 100 µm
Z-range: up to 15 µm

Max scan speed: 10 lines/s

Max sample height: 25 mm
Max sample weight: <600g

More specifications and some applications are listed at Anton Paar website

This AFM is a loaner system offered by Anton Paar GmbH whose generous offer is highly apprciately.