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Become a User - commercial

If you are a commercial user, you need to complete following paperwork to get access to IMRI facilities.

To have a collaboration with or get a service from IMRI staff without needs of independent instrument operation:

  1. Read the IMRI facility policies and rules.
  2. Fill out the on-line registration form for external commercial users to create an IMRI facility recharge account.
  3. Fill out External user agreement in word format or PDFformat and  email them to Dr. Zheng. If you want to watch the experiment, you need to fill out IMRI Facility Waiver (Word or PDFas well.
  4. If you want to pay for your usage with a credit card, please fill up the formand email it to Dr. Zheng.
  5. Contact IMRI staff to schedule the experiment.

To become a user and receive training for any of the IMRI instruments:

  1. Read the IMRI facility policies and rules.
  2. Fill out the on-line registration form for external commercial users to create an IMRI facility recharge account.
  3. Fill out the Sponsored UCInetID Application form, External user agreement (word or PDF) and IMRI Facility Waiver (word or PDF), and email them to Dr. Zheng
  4. Activate your UCInetID, visit UCLC website at the UC Learning Center, click "student and affilate request" and wait for 24 hrs. Then login the UC Learning Center  and take a safety training self-assessment to determine your personal training requirements. EH&S's "Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Training" is a pre-requisite for all lab practices.  Take the online training (or determine if your training is up-to-date) at the UCI UC Learning Center. Add your name and record the date of your training on the Lab Safety Training Google Doc for our records. If you are going to use 1301 Calit2, you need to take bloodborne pathogens training as well.
  5.  X-ray users follow the instruction here, other users may jump to 7. Note that X-ray trainees MUST select "Radiation Producing Machines (Research)" in the training self-assessment so that the online radiation training class will be provided. That class is required for all XRD users. When the class is completed, add your name and record the date of the training on the Radiation Safety Training Google Doc for our records.
  6. All X-ray diffraction trainees need, print, fill out and turn in the Statement of Training for Radiation Users at your first X-ray training session. In addition, all women must read the Prenatal Radiation Exposure Policy, then print, sign and turn in the accompanying 'SIGNATURE NEEDED' form. Finally, all XRD users should wear a radiation dosimeter ring during XRD experiment. Users can request a dosimeter ring by filling out the Dosimetry Request Form (note: RUA # is M0106) and faxing this form to EH&S at (949) 824-8539, or by forwarding it through intracampus mail to: Radiation Safety, EH&S, Zot 2725.
  7. Read the training policy first. To be on training waiting lists, please login IMRI facility management system after you did item #2 and click training waiting list to sign up for any training(s) that you need in Google sheets; read the 'Home' tab of the google sheets for full instructions. Please note that basic operation training is required before advanced training. To avoid missing any scheduled training session, please keep your conflicting time updated in time. You will be contacted when the training is scheduled. If you have an urgent need, please let IMRI staff know.
  8. Key or keycard access is needed for IMRI facilities as doors may not always be left open. For the IMRI facilities in Calit2 building and Engineering Hall, please fill out this Keycard Request Form and email it, together with your certificate of Laboratory Safety Fundamentals training obtained from your UC Learning Center account, to Calit2 Facilities Manager Ryan Smith and Dr. Zheng.  Calit2 Facilities Manager Ryan Smith's office is room 3411. He will contact you when the card is ready to be picked up. There is a $15 deposit required at that time. If you have a key card for Calit2 building, then you need to get access to TEM  center in Engineering Hall, please fill up this form and inform Dr. Zheng. For MC2 users, please contact Dr. Zheng.
  9. Please read the instrument usage policy before using any instrument. If you want to pay for your usage with a credit card, please fill up the form and email it to Dr. Zheng.
  10. To work after daytime hours, you need to request to take a competency test from IMRI staff and pass the test. You must first complete at least 10 hours of daytime use (9am-5pm) on an instrument before you can request to take a competency test. If you already have plenty of operation experinece of the same instruments in other places, you may make a special request to take the competency test.


User Application Forms

Sponsored UCInetID Application form