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Billing Policy

1. No-shows who do not cancel their reservation at least 24 hours before the start of their scheduled session will be charged for 100% of the reserved time.

2. Users who show up but use only part of their reserved time will be charged for 50% of any unused time in excess of 0.5 hours.

3. There is no charge for unused time resulting from an instrument malfunction or poor instrument performance (performance below spec), but the user must notify the appropriate IMRI staff person at the time of the instrument problem.

4. Normal recharge is done on the monthly basis according to  usage policy and the recharge rates which may be updated twice a year. 

5. There could be a 1-2 month delay between the use of an instrument and the bill received. External users should make the payment within one month of receiving the invoice without further delay.

6. UC users must provide a valid account and update the user profile (PI, account number, analyst) when necessary.  External must provide accurate billing contact info. Users account may be disabled when the recharge can not be done because of wrong user info. 

7. External users may pay the usage cost by credit card. A credit card form needs to be filled out in advance.

8. Charge rates are dependent on instrument and usage time. Besides instrument usage related charges, technical support related charges may be applied. Group tranining has a special recharge rate. During the following one on one training/assistance, the first one-hour techincal assistance fee may be exempt, however users need to pay for the instrument usage and further technical assistance beyond 1hr.  

9. No charges will be applied to any reserved sessions when the instrument is down or under service.