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FEI-Philips CM20 TEM

FEI/Philips CM-20 conventional TEM is located in room 140 Engineering Tower (building 303 on UCI campus map)

Philips CM 20 TEM with EDS (EDAX/4pi) system has accelerating voltage 200 kV that can obtain the image resolution down to 0.27 nm with maximum magnification 750,000X. This CM20 TEM is equipped with an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) that can perform element analysis. See TEM CM20 Operation Manual (pdf) for operation procedures in detail.

Performance Resolution:
Point resolution: 0.27nm
Line resolution: 0.14nm
TEM magnification: 25K-66,0000X
Selected Area diffraction camera length: 44-6200 mm

Electron Source:
LaB6 or W (Tungston) filament and high stability (of emission)
Accelerating voltage max: 200 KV (with the capability of 1 kV/step increment)

Specimen Stage:
Maximized tilt for X, Y, and Z combination
Max ecentric tilt: range -60- +60 degree
Variety of specimen holder: single tilt holder; double tilt holder; cold stage holder and cryo transfer holder
XY movement range: 2 mm
Specimen size: 3 mm

Fully interlocked differentially pumped column
Gun and upper column: ion getter pump
Camera chamber and lower column: diffusion pump

Image Recording:
Plate Camera: 36 sheets of films

Analytical Capability (TEM Mode and Nano Mode):
Bright field image 
Dark field image
SA diffraction pattern
Convergent beam electron diffraction
Energy-dispersive spectrometer (EDS): 4pi