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PNI Nano-R AFM was moved to INRF

The PNI Nano-R™ AFM is a powerful surface-imaging instrument made by Pacific Nanotechnology, Inc. that has been purchased by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

It can image an object's surface topography with extremely high magnifications, up to 1,000,000X. The magnification is made in three dimensions, the horizontal X-Y plane and the vertical Z dimension. The scanning range is 90 microns in the X-Y plane and 8 microns in the Z-dimension. The resolution is better than 2 nm in the X-Y plane and 0.13 nm in the Z-dimension.

The AFM can be operated under various imaging modes for different materials surfaces, such as Contact Mode and Close-Contact Mode. Besides imaging, the AFM is capable of measuring material surface properties using other operation modes, for example, Lateral Force Mode, Material Sensing Mode, and Force/Distance.

The AFM has a software package that can be used conveniently for image acquisition and analysis. This package allows users to operate the AFM by selecting different software according to their AFM knowledge. New users may start with EZMode™ and senior users may go directly to X'Pert™ Software. After data analysis, results may be viewed on the screen or exported into different formats that are compatible with commonly used software (e.g. Microsoft Office and Photoshop).