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Rigaku Ultima-III

Rigaku Ultima III X-ray Diffractometer is located in room 1302 Calit2 Building (building 325 on UCI campus map)

The Rigaku Ultima III is a versatile X-ray diffraction system equipped with a high precision horizontal sample stage and a cross beam optics system to permit either high resolution parallel beam with a motor controlled multilayer mirror or Bragg-Brentano para-focusing beam geometries. The Ultima can perform high throughput material analysis and discovery tasks by combining an automatic sample exchanger (ASC-10) with a high performance one-dimensional D/teX Ultra detector that provides up to 100x intensity gain compared to conventional 0D scintillation counters. Curved/flat graphite and germanium crystal monochromators are available for high resolution XRD measurements. An in-plane arm maximizes the system configuration options for a wide range of measurements.

The Ultima III diffractometer enables a variety of powder and thin film measurements, including high resolution powder X-ray diffraction for phase identification, quantitative analysis, lattice parameter refinement, crystallite size, structure refinement, and residual stress. The advanced thin film attachments enable precise sample alignment for X-ray reflectivity for thickness density and roughness analysis, grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction for depth-controlled phase identification, epitaxial film perfection and structure analysis using reciprocal space mapping and rocking curve measurements. It is also able to perform small angle X-ray scattering for particle/pore size and shape analysis. A complete set of database and analysis software is available on the workstations associated with this upgraded Ultima III system.