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Safety policy

Safety is the top priority of IMRI facilities. This includes your personal safety and instrument safety.  You must receive EHS lab safety fundamental training, on-site safety training and other necessary safety training before using IMRI facilities. You must wear proper PPE before using any instrument. You should not use IMRI facility when you are sick.


For personal safety:

Please read the UCI safety related documents at EHS website and safe training related link

You must receive safety training before entering the facilities.


For instrument safety:

Please follow the instrument SOP and instructions of IMRI staff.

SOP during COVID-19 pandemic

IMRI SOP during virus crisis

IMRI Users need to follow the following procedures when using IMRI instruments

  1. Users must not be sick
  2. Watch hands before entering into IMRI facilities or use hand sanitizer at the building entrance or in the lab
  3. Wear face covering
  4. Wear glove all the time during experiment
  5. Keep 6 feet distance between users in the labs.  
  6. Urgent contact: If a use is the only one person in the lab, there should be some measures in place when urgent issues occur

 How to get face coverings:

1) Essential staff should visit EHS for PPE Distribution:  Face Coverings for Essential Workers
2) students should contact Student Affair at