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TESCAN GAIA-3 GMH integrated focused ion beam-FESEM is located in room 1150 Engineering Hall (building 308 on UCI campus map)

The GAIA-3 GMH FIB-SEM is TESCAN’s newest, highest-end flagship dualbeam instrument. It has a unique three-lens electron optical design capable of dedicated modes for extreme high-resolution imaging (magnetic immersion mode, just like the FEI Magellan), enhanced depth of focus, undistorted ultra-low magnification imaging, and live 3D stereo imaging. The smart chamber design of the GAIA GMH FIB-SEM instrument allows for the simultaneous milling and collection of EBSD patterns without the need to move the sample. This flexibility is unique to TESCAN and will provide best-in-class accuracy and throughput for EBSD and EDS. The 3D-EDS and EBSD reconstructions are critical for understanding the structure and chemistry of materials. This FIB-SEM is the only such system that can be integrated with a time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometer (TOF-SIMS), which is planned for the future.


  • Electron beam resolution:
    Resolution in BDM: 1.4nm @ 1kV, 2.2nm @ 200V
  • Focus Ion Beam resolution:
    sub-2 nm images performed with gallium at 1pA,  2.5 nm resolution guaranteed

Electron optics

  • High Performance Schottky Field Emission Electron Source
  • TESCAN 3-lens Wide Field Optics™

COBRA-FIB Ion optics

  • High-current ion column with Ga liquid-metal ion source
  • Probe current: probe current 1 pA to 50 nA

Detectors and Attachments:

  • Everhart-Thornley Secondary Electron Detector
  • In-Beam™ SE In-lens secondary electron detector
  •  In-Beam™ BE In-lens On-Axis Annular BSE detector
  • In-beam SE and BSE detectors
  • Motorized Retractable annular backscattered scintillator-type electron detector with high sensitivity and atomic number resolution (0.1)
  • Retractable STEM
  • Retractable YAG BE detectors
  • SITD secondary ion detector
  • Oxford AZtecEnergy Advanced EDS Microanalysis System with the latest X-Max 150 mm2 silicon drift detector
  • Oxford AZtec HKL NordlysMax2 integrated EBSD System
  • Beam deceleration
  • 5-reservoir gas injection system (W, Pt, SiOx, H2O, XeF2),
  • Omniprobe 400 port-mounted piezo nanomanipulator
  • In-situ plasma cleaner,
  • Electron beam lithography package
  • DrawBeam Basic Electron and Ion Beam Lithography Software
  • Autoslicer, 3D Tomography Advanced package
  • Eelectron beam induced current (EBIC) system
  • Evactron Zephyr In-Situ Plasma Cleaner (decontaminator) system
  • SITD Secondary Ion TESCAN Detector