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Training policy

IMRI facilities are open to all authorized users including those from University of California campuses, outside academic institutions, as well as industrial organizations.

All users must receive instrument specific training in order to gain access to the instrument and reservation system.  Only designated IMRI staff may train users. 

Training is categorized according to the functions of an instrument. Basic operation is required before advanced training. The training has a fixed fee or reduced rate (see rates).

Before training, each prospective user must create a user recharge account, sign up on the training waiting lists and complete other necessary paperwork. The detailed procedures are listed on the page, namely, become a user. 

Before operation training, on-line EHS safety training (lab safety fundamentals) is required for all instrument operators.

In addition, special safety training may be needed from UCI EH&S on radiation safety, chemical safety and electrical safety etc. For example, you must receive a safety badge from EH&S before using XRD machines. To receive the radiation safety training and badge, please contact Dr. Lin. To determine what kind of safety training that you need, please visit EH&S website (link). More safety related issues are listed in lab safety section.

Normally, users will be contacted for training within 4 weeks of signing up on the waiting lists. Group training will be scheduled when three users are on the waiting lists. Following the group training, users can start to reserve the instrument and use it during daytime with technical assistance from IMRI staff and assistants/superusers. For their first independent operation of the instrument, users may contact IMRI staff or lab assitants/superuser to reserve 1:1 assistance. After 10 hrs of independent operation of an instrument, users may apply for a competent test to obtain 24 hrs/7 days operation permit. 

Under urgent needs, a special training session may be arranged quickly. Users who have rich experience on an instrument may contact IMRI staff for a flexible training arrangement and IMRI staff may determine how to train these experienced users on case by case basis in order to get them on the instrument quickly .   

Please contact Dr. Jian-Guo Zheng for any general questions about  operation training.

*****Users may not train other users without IMRI staff permission*****