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Young Jik Kwon

Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering


Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Professor (Joint), Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

Professor (Joint), Biomedical Engineering

Professor (Joint), Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2003, Chemical Engineering

M.S., University of Southern California, 2000, Chemical Engineering

B.S., Inha University, South Korea, 1998, Biological Engineering

Phone: (949) 824-8714

University of California, Irvine
132 Sprague Hall
Mail Code: 3905
Irvine, CA 92697

Gene therapy, drug delivery, cancer-targeted therapeutics, combined molecular imaging and therapy, cancer vaccine
URL BioTherapeutics Engineering Laboratory (BioTEL)
Brain Pool scholar and visiting professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Korea University, Korea (2015 – 2016)

Special visiting research fellow (Science without Borders Scholar), College of Pharmacy, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil (2015 – 2017)

Top downloaded article award in 2014, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing (2015)

Top-cited article award, FEBS Journal, Wiley (2013)

Medical Research Award, Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research (2011)

Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award, National Science Foundation (2010)

Faculty Career Development Award, UC Irvine (2008)

M. Frank and Margaret Domiter Rudy Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering in Cancer Research, Case Western Reserve University (2006-2007)

Appointments Postdoc, Chemistry, UC Berkeley (2003-2005)
Available Technologies
Publications Past 5 years:

Soo Kyung Cho, Young Jik Kwon*. Simultaneous gene transduction and silencing using stimuli-responsive viral/nonviral chimeric nanoparticles. Biomaterials 33, 3316-3323 (2012).

Young Jik Kwon*. Before and after endosomal escape: Roles of stimuli-converting siRNA/polymer interactions in determining gene silencing efficiency. Accounts of Chemical Research 45, 1077-1088 (2012) (Invited review) 

Min Suk Shim, Young Jik Kwon*. Stimuli-responsive gene delivery and combined imaging. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 64, 1046-1059 (2012) (Invited review). 

Min Suk Shim, Shirley Wong, Young Jik Kwon*. siRNA as a conventional drug in the clinic? Challenges and Current Technologies. Drug Discovery Today Technologies 9, 167-173 (2012) (Invited review).

Min Suk Shim, Young Jik Kwon*. Ketalized poly(amino ester) for stimuli-responsive and biocompatible gene delivery. Polymer Chemistry 3, 2570-2577 (2012).

Marlon Mathews*, En-Chung Shih, Genesis Zamora, Chung-Ho Sun, Soo Kyung Cho, Young Jik Kwon, Henry Hirschberg. Glioma cell growth inhibition following photochemical internalization enhanced PTEN gene transfection. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 44, 746-754 (2012).

Soo Kyung Cho, Young Jik Kwon*.Synthetically engineered viruses: Can synthetic chemistry tame the nature? Current Opinion in Solid State & Materials Science 16, 276-286 (2012) (Invited review). 

Min Sun Song, Seung Phill Choi, Young Jik Kwon, Sang Jun Sim*. Real time, sensitive, and specific detection of promoter-polymerase interactions in gene transcription using a nanoplasmonic sensor. Advanced Materials 25, 1265-1269 (2013) (Cover article). 

Chang Soo Kim, Wenjuan Qi, Jun Zhang, Young Jik Kwon*, Zhongping Chen*. Imaging and quantifying Brownian motion of micro- and nanoparticles using phase resolved Doppler variance optical coherence tomography. Journal of Biomedical Optics 18, 030504 (2013).

Soo Kyung Cho, Ali Pedram, Ellis R. Levin*, Young Jik Kwon*. Acid-degradable core-shell nanoparticles for reversed tamoxifen-resistance in breast cancer by silencing manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD). Biomaterials 34, 10228-10237 (2013).

Min Suk Shim, Seong-Sil Chang, Young Jik Kwon*. Efficient gene silencing in tumor via systemic delivery of stimuli-responsive siRNA carriers. Biomaterials Science 2, 35-40 (2014).

Shirley Wong, Min Suk Shim, Young Jik Kwon*. Synthetically designed peptide-based biomaterials with stimuli-responsive and membrane-active properties for biomedical applications. Journal of Materials Chemistry B: Materials for biology and medicine 2, 595-615 (2014) (invited review) (cover article). 

Frederick Wang,* Genesis Zamora, Chung-Ho Sun, Anthony Trinidad, Changho Chun, Young Jik Kwon, Kristian Berg, Steen J. Madsen, Henry Hirschberg. Increased sensitivity of glioma cells to 5-fluorocytosine following photo-chemical internalization enhanced nonviral transfection of the cytosine deaminase suicide gene. Journal of Neurooncology 118, 29-37 (2014).

Julius Edson, Young Jik Kwon*. RNAi for silencing drug resistance in microbes toward development of nanoantibiotics. Journal of Controlled Release 189, 150-157 (2014).

Genesis Zamora, Frederick Wang, Chung-Ho Sun, Anthony Trinidad, Young Jik Kwon, Soo Kyung Cho, Kristian Berg, Steen Madsen, Henry Hirschberg*. Photochemical internalization mediated nonviral gene transfection: polyamine core-shell nanoparticles as gene carrier. Journal of Biomedical Optics 19, 105009 (2014).

Shirley Wong, Young Jik Kwon.* Facile synthesis of high-molecular-weight acid-labile polypeptides using urethane derivatives. Journal of Polymer Science A: Polymer Chemistry 53, 280-286 (2015) (invited contribution).

Soo Kyung Cho, Chris Dang, Xi Wang, Regina Ragan, Young Jik Kwon*. Mixing-sequence-dependent nucleic acid complexation and gene transfer efficiency by polyethylenimine. Biomaterials Science 3, 1124-1133 (2015) (invited contribution).

Minjeong Jang, Young Jik Kwon*, Nae Yoon Lee*. Non-photolithographic plastic-mold-based fabrication of cylindrical and multi-tiered poly(dimethylsiloxane) microchannels for biomimetic Lab-on-a-Chip applications. RSC Advances 5, 100905-100911 (2015).

Mohammad M. Al-Sanea, Ahmed Z. Abdelazem, Byung Sun Park, Kyung Ho Yoo, Taebo Sim, Young Jik Kwon, So Ha Lee*. ROS1 kinase inhibitors for molecular-targeted therapies. Current Medicinal Chemistry 23, 142-160 (2016). 

Jessica A. Kemp, Min Suk Shim, Chan Yeong Heo, Young Jik Kwon*. Co-delivery of multi-modal therapeutics for efficient, targeted, and safe therapy for cancer. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 98, 3-18 (2016) (invited contribution).

Yi Xi Wu, Young Jik Kwon*. Aptamers: The “evolution” of SELEX. Methods 106, 21-28 (2016) (invited contribution). 

Xingyi Ma, June Huh, Wounjhang Park, Luke P. Lee, Young Jik Kwon, Sang Jun Sim. Gold nanocrystals with DNA-directed morphologies. Nature Communications 7, 12873 (2016)

Cheol Am Hong, Soo Kyung Cho, Julius A. Edson, Jane Kim, Dominique Ingato, Bryan Pham, Anthony Chuang, David A. Fruman, Young Jik Kwon*. “Viral/nonviral chimeric nanoparticles to synergistically suppress leukemia proliferation via simultaneous gene transduction and silencing.” ACS Nano 10, 8705-8714 (2016) (Cover article).

Dominique Ingato, Jong Uk Lee, Sang Jun Sim, and Young Jik Kwon*. “Good things come in small packages: Overcoming challenges to harness extracellular vesicles for therapeutic delivery.” Journal of Controlled Release 241, 174-185 (2016) (invited review). 

Julius A Edson, Young Jik Kwon*. Design, challenge, and promise of stimuli-responsive nanoantibiotics. Nano Convergence 3, 26 (2016) (in press) (Invited review)

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Graduate Programs Chemical Engineering

Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology

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Research Centers Onco-Imaging and Biotechnology Program, The Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
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