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Facilities Highlights

Anton Paar AFM

Anton Paar Tosca 400 AFM has been installed in IMRI MC2 facility ( 140 ET) on 6/25/2019.

This AFM is a loaner system offered by Anton Paar GmbH. It has two imaging modes ( tapping and contact) with a large sample stage and can be operated easily. 

Hitachi Regulus 8230 ultra high resolution SEM

Hitachi Regulus 8230 FEG SEM is an ultra high resolution SEM installed in IMRI MC2 facililty (140B ET) in June 2019. 

This is a loaner system from Hitachi High-Technologies CorporationIt and offers 0.7 nm resolution with an excellent performance at low kV. Two EDS detectors together with BSE detectors are helpful for fast compositional analysis and elemental maps.


Gatan camera upgrade

Gatan camera K2 was upgraded to K3 with better senitivity under low dose imaging.


JEOL Grand ARM300CF TEM/STEM has been installed. Training will start from 9/15/2017.

Nion UltraSTEM™ 200

Nion UltraSTEM 200 HERMES has been installed. The EELS resolution 6.4 meV, a world record, was achieved. 

TESCAN GAIA-3 XMH integrated focused ion beam-FESEM

TESCAN GAIA-3 XMH SEM/FIB is available for training and use from 6/22/2017.

JEOL 2100 Cryo-EM

JEOL 2100 Cryo-EM has been installed and performance test accepted. Training will start on 3/23/2017. 


JEOL 2800 S/TEM has been installed and performance test accepted. Training will start on 3/15/2017. 

New TEM Instruments Open for User Training in the Irvine Materials Research Institute (IMRI)

JEOL JEM-2100F Cryo-TEM and JEM-2800 S/TEM and TESCAN GAIA-3 XMH are available

ESEM capability

New cold stage was added to Quanta 3D SEM, making it a true ESEM.