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Service and Project

Prospective external users will make contact with the IMRI via its website, staff email address and phone number to get detailed information about IMRI facility capabilities and to become IMRI facility users. IMRI staff will coordinate with the external users for training and to reserve equipment as appropriate, whether this is just an hour on a single instrument for a regional user or large coordinated blocks of time on a number of different tools months in advance for a user visiting the IMRI from across the country. Trained external users can also reserve instrument time on their own using existing web-based reservation systems for the IMRI. External users interested in foundry services or to have samples made/characterized for them by IMRI staff can easily be accommodated via a simple sales and service contract. If external user demand of the IMRI facilities becomes overwhelmingly high for any substantial period of time, the IMRI staff will temporarily require new users to submit a one-page mini proposal of the work they wish to carry out in the IMRI. These proposals will be vetted by a standing working group of the IMRI Directors and relevant staff and proposed projects approved/declined on the basis of scientific merit, alignment with UCI academic programs, and IMRI logistical capacity. IMRI staff may collaborate with external users as well.

Intellectual Property

IMRI facilities have policies and procedures in place to protect the intellectual property of all users. Typically, external users interested in protecting existing IP perform their own work in the facilities and save data only to their own storage devices. In cases where work is performed by facility staff for external users, it is the policy of the facilities to (a) collect only the minimal information needed to perform the work and (b) not disclose details of samples, processes, or work performed to assist users without express consent. IP generated by substantive collaboration with UCI personnel is shared or owned by UCI. Otherwise, the IP belongs to the external user.