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JEOL-2100F-Cryo-TEM is located in room 1131A Engineering Hall (building 308 on UCI campus map)

The JEM-2100F is an advanced high resolution field emission electron microscope equipped with cryo-pole-piece, cold stage, and Gatan K2 direct detection camera, and OneView camera, making it ideal to study both biological and materials samples at liquid nitrogen/room temperature.

Electron Source & Operating HT: Schottky type field emission gun 80kV~ 200kV

Resolution: TEM Point-to-point: 0.27nm

Operation mode: TEM (including nano-beam and convergent beam modes)

CCD camera:
Gatan OneView Camera: fast 25fps with full 4K x 4K resolution
Gatan K2 Derect Detection Camera with super high DQE