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SEM and TEM lectures

Hi, IMRI facility users and potential users:

I have scheduled 5 IMRI summer lectures in the end of Sept 2019. The details are listed below:

1)            Sept 22, 9am-10:30: SEM imaging and principles

2)            Sept 23, 9am-10:30: EDS composition analysis and principles

3)            Sept 28, 3-5pm: FIB and advanced capabilities in SEM

4)            Sept 29, 9am-10:30: TEM instrument principles and Electron diffraction

5)            Sept 30, 9am-10:30: TEM imaging: diffraction contrast and phase contrast

The lecture room is 3008 Calit2 Building. It is free to attend these lectures.

The goals of these lectures are to help IMRI facility users or potential users understand the capabilities and principles of  IMRI SEMs and TEM, obtain high quality data and explain the data.

If you are interested in attending these lectures, please sign up in the Google doc using the link here

You are welcome to forward this message to other people who may be interested in.



Monday, September 19, 2016 - 21:00