Irvine Materials Research Institute is a newly established interdisciplinary organization under the Office of Research of the University of California, Irvine (UCI). It serves as the cross-campus nexus for materials research at UCI. The institute operates a wide range of state-of-the-art, open-access user facilities for the characterization of materials, biological samples, and devices from sub-Å to macroscopic length scales - available to all university, industry, and non-profit researchers. It offers advanced techniques and services supported with professional staff. The institute is mentioned in the recent nature news Movers and Shakers.

Facilities Highlights

JEOL Grand ARM300CF TEM/STEM 2017-09-05 22:15

JEOL Grand ARM300CF TEM/STEM has been installed. Training will start from 9/15/2017.

Nion UltraSTEM™ 200 2017-07-20 22:15

Nion UltraSTEM 200 HERMES has been installed. The EELS resolution 6.4 meV, a world record, was achieved. 

TESCAN GAIA-3 XMH integrated focused ion beam-FESEM 2017-06-20 22:30

TESCAN GAIA-3 XMH SEM/FIB is available for training and use from 6/22/2017.

Research Highlights

Nature Nanotechnologyvolume 13, pages1132–1136 (2018)

Anisotropic polarization-induced conductance at a ferroelectric–insulator interface


Science Advances  25 Jan 2019: Vol. 5, no. 1, eaau9590

Probing the dynamics of nanoparticle formation from a precursor at atomic resolution

Science Vol. 359, Issue 6383, pp. 1495-1500,30 Mar 2018

Adaptive infrared-reflecting systems inspired by cephalopods


2019-01-26 14:30 UCI Scientists Develop Method for Observing Nanocrystal Formation at Atomic Resolution

UCI scientists develop method for observing nanocrystal formation at atomic resolution

UCI NEWS, January 25, 2019

2018-11-12 21:15 Oxide Materials Discovery May Advance Electronic Device Development

Scientists from UCI, other institutions report breakthrough in Nature Nanotechnology

2018-06-16 12:00 Campus Formally Opens New Materials Research Institute and TEM Facility